great american teach inCES is always happy to work as partners with those who help our youth and our communities to thrive and prosper.

This month we are even more thankful than usual, with Thanksgiving being the overall theme.


drug education for schoolsChildren need so much caring and true guidance along their journeys. There are many amazing teachers, aides and school volunteers who are there to selflessly contribute in this mission.

And what a mission it is! Some would even call it “God’s work,” as successfully raising kids today is likened to the most difficult jobs there are!

Each year CES participates in the Great American Teach In. We arrive and become the Educators for the Day! This year we were involved in both our county of Pinellas on November 15th and Hillsborough County on November 16th.

We visited 4 different schools and delivered Drug Prevention Education classes to Middle-Schoolers from 5th-8th grade classes to a total of approximately 175 kids! Using the effective Truth about Drugs materials from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, we really got the Drug-Free Life message to all of these teens.

drug education in schoolsAt an elementary school, over eighty 3rd graders had a great time with my fun lesson in how to be happier by living in an industrious way versus a lazy way!

Using the precept “BE INDUSTRIOUS” from the little common sense guide to happy living called The Way to Happiness by L. Ron Hubbard, we acted out a skit with the children which had them really get the idea that when you are active and doing something you are much happier than being lazy and not doing productive things.

It couldn’t have been more rewarding to reach these students and educators in this way. We were so appreciated and welcomed and we look forward to next year!

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