We are so thankful for living and working in a safe environment. Our Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) provides amazing services to our entire county. PCSO is the 15th largest sheriff’s office in the entire country! They provide amazing services to many cities and have been featured on the show Cops and its courts have been selected as venues in major trials of notoriety.

pinellas county sheriffs office

I wanted to really understand our PCSO so to appreciate them and be the best citizen I could. So, I joined up to be a member of Class #53 of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Citizen Academy. Each week I attend classes along with approximately 25 others on Thursday nights.

law enforcement defensive tactics

We have a different class each week to cover the entirety of this huge agency. This month’s highlight for me was the Judicial Operations class and visiting the Pinellas County Justice Center. Touring the courts and seeing the breadth and depth of this HUGE facility was amazing!

I even got to play judge!

Another thrill was driving the squad cars at their Driving Training Facility! Learning police driving techniques was a blast! We also had a full on enactment of a “High Risk Traffic Stop” with tons of flashing lights and sirens and high speed chase action with the bad guy losing and the good guys winning, for certain.

law enforcement driving training facility

Find out more about our amazing Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and their amazing services that keep our county safe and sound, always! There are many programs for you to get involved in, programs for teens and for everyone! Visit http://www.pcsoweb.com/.

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