My name is Vicki Crocker and I’m the owner of Victoria’s Bloomers and I’m a landscape designer.

I participated in a project called, Going Home with Consumer Energy Solutions and many other businesses in the local community as well as many volunteers. What we did was I did a landscape plan for three apartment buildings which were being used for homeless people.

I did the design, I ordered all the materials and plants and organized 50 volunteers which was a little bit of a challenge but it all turned out really great. This was an amazing project and completing it really raised my presence in the community for my business.

Before we did this project I was struggling. I actually wasn’t busy so when Consumer Energy Solutions asked me if I could help with this project I said sure because I wasn’t really that busy.


After we completed the project my business just exploded! What happened in the next two weeks was unexplainable. I just started getting all these calls for work and, literally, my statistic graph for income from my business went straight up. I kept getting calls and calls. My income just went up to a new level after that point and it has remained there.

So I truly feel it had something to do with the fact that I did that project. While doing this project it was actually very freeing for me because you know I was I was not making money or being paid for it so you know your purpose is to help people in the community and I just wanted to make a beautiful creation for the people who are going to live here.

That whole evening after that project I just felt so great that I could do this kind of project. However, the unexpected result was the fact that after that my business boomed and I absolutely did not expect that so it was a very great surprise!

So I highly I highly recommend that you look into doing projects in your community because they pay you back. One in the fact that you just feel great about doing them and two, it also gets you so that you’re involved with different groups and different people that you would never be in touch with or never get to know. So I really expanded you know my ability to know people in this community that I never would have met before and when you do this you just expand yourself, expand your business and you take some responsibility for your community.

I’ve done I’ve done a lot of giving back to the community projects but I had this idea that because it was something that I did ,I think it meant more to me and so I think when you’re as a business if you’re doing projects you know you need to be involved with the projects or really passionate about the projects for them to affect your business. Well that’s just my opinion but anyway it was a great project and I was glad I was involved and it’s really helped me as a business and I’m looking for more projects like that.


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