Clearwater offering artists grants up to 25K for placemaking projects

May 12, 2022 | Artists, Good News Tampa, Programs & Events

The City of Clearwater is now offering grants up to $25,000 for proposed creative projects for the city. You heard that right, the city will fund your proposed art project – this is not a loan you’ll need to pay back!

This is a part of the Placemaking and Resident Engagement Grant Program. According to the city website the program aims to “provide support and funding to those who are interested in making a positive change through placemaking that assists in transforming Downtown Clearwater into a destination filled with a variety of active, beautiful, and creative public places.”

Image: City of Clearwater

Here is a list of eligible projects:


Art installations, sculptures, displays, or decorations ​​
Street, alley, parking lot, vacant lot, park or plaza improvements​


Activations of arts, cultural programming and performance art​
Park enhancements, parklets, people spots​​
Interactive and technological advancements​


Community relationship building​
Place Branding​
Community gardens​
Recreational spaces, physical activities, bike or pedestrian improvements

The grants are available to all residents, nonprofits, community groups, artists, businesses, and property owners who want to transform Downtown Clearwater’s public spaces.

The location in which the art will reside is as follows:

  • Cleveland Street closure 
    (400-500 blocks) ​
  • Pinellas Trail
  • Prospect Lake Park
  • Station Square Park 
  • Underutilized or under beautified locations
  • Vacant lots/storefronts
  • Other locations 
    Where need for change can be demonstrated, approved on a case-by-case basis.

All projects are approved on a project-by-project basis. While no two projects will be the same, the objective is. According to the program website, the city is looking to infuse downtown with innovative and thriving public spaces​.​ This program will make it easier for new producers and community leaders to enhance the community. It also serves to ​incentivize those looking to energize downtown by connecting employees to downtown and connecting residents to downtown, providing opportunities for these groups to take pride in their community.

Here are links to the official description of the project as well as an application

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